Time Of Content

"My grandfather used to be a banker and I wanted to be just like him when I grew up. If I weren’t married to a media person and got involved in his web business, maybe, I would have pursued that goal. Things further took a different direction when my husband moved onto a TV channel full time and I began to wonder how to put my newly learned web skills to good use. But the real kick to my career came from a stressful personal situation. My elder kid became very sick one day and we were literally running from one hospital to the other, with no cash in hand. Even relatives did not respond properly. Luckily for us, a friend bailed us out, and our kid got treated in the nick of time. I guess, my resolve to make something out of my career became stronger with that incident.
Today as a content writer and YouTube creator, my professional life is very rewarding...both monetary and job satisfaction wise. On family front too, things are fabulous, with a great husband and lovely kids.
Every now and then, it pains me to think that money has become the criteria of happiness for many. But, I for one always try to downplay the importance of it and enjoy moments in life as they happen...like a recent meeting with my favourite Telugu Superstar."

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