There's never a dull moment

"Why spend time on something else when you know where your heart is? Thankfully, this question never bothered me till now. Art is all I do...rather, I want to do. And there is so much to know. Every drawing of mine beings with something new I just learned and ends with a new understanding I can use in my next.Painting, sketching, illustrations, posters, designs...I work on pretty much everything. I need to learn how to use oils and definitely focus more on digital art in the days to come.
My parents always support me. When I got a good percentage in Intermediate, they did not tell me to get into engineering first and then pursue my creative stuff on the side. Instead they allowed me to pick up a course in arts and I am very grateful for that. They put up with all my eccentricities and still give me a lot of space, both literally and figuratively. My room is my workspace and they step in with caution.
To create something new you need a lot of things talent included, but to enjoy a creation all you need is an eye for detail and a bit of leisure. I do both...when I am tired from work, I get lost in the nature around me. And, there’s never a dull moment, as something new is about to unravel itself...all the time."

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