A Dealer and a Gentleman

"I think this part of Hyderabad is probably one of the biggest markets in Asia for used motorbikes, next only to Delhi. Over 5000 people are employed in these shops that purchase and sell old bikes. I am into this business for more than 35 years now...started this soon after I returned from a brief stint in Saudi Arabia. 
Over the years, profits have come down with competition from local showrooms offering new bikes at very good interest rates. We still pack a punch and draw enough customers, even if it means doing deals that cut into our margins. 
I am pushing 70s now and at some point, will hang in my boots. When I do so, I will definitely miss the hustle bustle of this neighborhood and my place in it. But I will have the rest of Hyderabad to explore and enjoy...especially when my kids are in town."

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