A few good men

"My father abandoned me when I was very young, just after my mother passed away. I grew up in my uncle’s care in Mahboobnagar and he supported my education till Intermediate. I did not want to be a burden for him and decided that I should lead an independent life. I moved to Hyderabad...and after a few odd jobs, I realized that a degree is a must for a good career. Though I studied biology in Intermediate I switched to commerce degree, as pursuing medicine requires a lot of money. Now, I am in my degree final year and also work in this Pizza shop. It’s been a few months here in this job and I am doing well. My boss is very understanding and offers me flexible timings...he even allow long leave before exams. It's only because of him, I am able to manage both job and studies.
I am glad to have come across a few good men who helped me and motivated to move up in life. Thanks to them, my past is bearable and future full of hope."

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