A day of leisure

"People are warm and courteous in this city and the culture feels similar to ours. We get by in the city just fine, with English and broken Hindi. But we hardly face any communication issues in a restaurant, as we all need are two words—‘Chicken Biryani’.
After a tasty meal, shopping is our next priority. Sarees, fabrics are pretty good here and the rates are affordable too. We stock enough to last until the next time...mostly to give away as gifts to friends and families back in Malaysia.
Yeah, it takes a while to get used to traffic in Hyderabad but once we land in our destination we forget all that and soak in the ambience. This time around, we decided to spend a good time in Charminar area, and here we are doing just that."

#WorldCitizenDay #Humans #HumansofHyderabad

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