Wife and Life

"I fell in love with our tenant’s daughter. She was very good looking, like a Bollywood heroine, you know. My parents were against the marriage, as she cannot hear or speak. Somehow, it never bothered me. I convinced them and we finally got married. We have three young kids, two in school.
I make okay money with my job as a security guard. As my brothers and cousins work in Gulf countries, I asked them many times to find me a job there. But they tell me it’s difficult for people like me to survive. Apparently, even for a small mistake like an accidental cut during shaving, there are punishments. So, they tell me...Brother, with your temperament you will pick up an argument and all of us will be in trouble....why all this, when you are comfortable here in India? 
Guess, they are right...as I like being near my parents and relatives. We have three houses in the old city of Hyderabad, where they live and I can visit anytime. And my little house isn’t bad either, with an understanding wife and a peaceful life."

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