Peacock shows the way.

"My first painting was that of a peacock, in my kindergarten. I loved how just two colors, blue and green, could convey so much. My fascination with colors grew and I’ve been painting and sketching regularly. I work for an IT company and whenever I find the time I sketch. I even do digital art when I am in a cab or take a stroll in the park. So, the art is with me all the time.
My parents, in-laws, and husband support me in whatever I do, my art included. Some of my biggest admirers are my relatives and they pick up many of my paintings. But my mother is my best critic, in fact she is the one who catches all my bad strokes and prods me to finish something that I put on hold.
It’s an artist dream to exhibit work for art lovers and win appreciation. I am sure I will get there one day. In the meantime, social media helps me to share my stuff and receive instant feedback. It’s always nice to receive appreciation especially from people whom you don’t even know. Like the other day in my company, a manager came to me and asked if he could use my painting as mobile wallpaper. I gladly said yes...and secretly wondered where else my peacock would take me from here."

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