My most loyal customer

"Sundays are for my family. I even switch off my mobile phone. Speaking of which, I run a mobiles' shop...something I am very proud of. I started it 12 years back, much against the displeasure of my father. Not a man to mince words, he voiced his dissent out in the open...What’s the point in doing an engineering degree if you want to stay in India? Many of your friends and relatives are all making plans to go abroad...and here you are repairing phones...and so on. But I always wanted to stay in India and live with my parents, so I parked his criticism aside and went to work.  Slowly and steadily, I grew my business. With smartphones entry in the market and better network connectivity, things improved a lot.
Today, my business is doing well and I have customers from all over Hyderabad. I feel relieved that my decision to do something unconventional, worked out. My father is happy and he keeps telling everybody about my shop and, how good it is. I got many customers that way, but most importantly him...the most loyal of all."

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