It's ok to be mad about something

"I don’t know how I got attracted to dancing or for that matter when the desire to learn became stronger... but one fine day I found myself in a dance studio instead of my college nearby.  Understandably, my father got very upset when he heard about it from my college principal. He felt Hyderabad had too many distractions and packed me off to another college in Warangal. I was a good student for some time, till I bumped into another dance studio.
This is when I realized that my madness wouldn't subside. I thought why not make a career out of it and somehow scrambled some money to set up my own studio. Now after a year, I have more than 50 students — kids and adults alike—and I make decent money. Recently my father was unwell and I took care of all his hospital expenses. I felt very good about it. I also give free coaching to a few dance nuts like me and that feels very good too."

#Hyderabad #HumansofHyderabad

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