Pretty Woman, Walking Down The Street...

"Sometimes I feel society is more tolerant towards criminals than us. The way we are is not a crime in the first place, but the fact that I am comparing with them will give you an inkling about the discrimination we face. How can anyone target someone based on how they feel about themselves? I was born a woman in a man’s who’s fault is it? These questions haunt me and the rest of our group, every now and then. But I always brush these aside and get going.  You treat me well...I will shower good wishes on you...and God forbid, if you don’t, I will boo you like you’ve never seen it before. 
I am used to tough life right from my childhood. My mother couldn’t tolerate my father’s alcoholism and left him when I was just three months old. He remarried after a few years and thankfully, my stepmother was kind to me. But even she left us after a while. I grew up on pretty much on my own and shifted to Hyderabad. Here, I became the person I wanted to be and even got married. Just like my father my marriage didn’t work out too...but not because of my fault. Stuff happens, whether you’re responsible for it or not. So...what’s the point in worrying about anything when I have a beautiful face and a lovely heart? I simply dress up in the best saree I have and walk on the streets proud."
#Hyderabad #HumansOfHyderabad"

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