Two trips, One outcome

"My life is defined by two trips—one to the patient in an emergency and the other to the hospital. These trips are a matter of life and death for an, I do my best. It feels nice when my work is acknowledged even though I am not into formalities. Recently, son of a patient waited almost 4 hours at the hospital gate just to thank me and offer me a cup of tea. I couldn’t say no to him and shared his happiness.
On few days, work is very hectic, and the traffic sense of public doesn’t help. Sometimes, they don’t make way easily and some other times, a teenager tails my speeding vehicle and tries to overtake me. I take a deep breath and hope my siren will help them decide in my favor.
Every day when I reach home after my duty, my wife and I celebrate the lives I saved and at the same time feel disappointed about the ones I couldn’t. We both tell each other that as an ambulance driver there is only so much I can do."

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