Two Hearts, One mind.

"Arrivals are always happy, and departures invariably sad. This airport is a special place for us as it reminds how much we need each other when we meet or separate. Both of us travel frequently on work, and sometimes, we are apart for a few months. No matter how many times we speak to each other or how many video calls we make, we always look forward to seeing each other in this airport...the distance and time, seem to melt away and our relationship is ignited once again.
We love it here in Hyderabad and trade it for any big city in the world. By the way, I am from Uttar Pradesh and she is from Odisha. We’ve known each other for several years before getting into a relationship. I guess we are pretty much sorted out now. A few petty fights here and there...a bit of sulking and nagging...and a dozen silent wars in between...but it is all divine. She is my best friend, a constant companion, my current hair stylist, and a future tattoo partner... Oh current wife too."

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