Treatment isn't a transaction!

"Our store is one of the oldest and reputed establishments in the city, and I grew up in its precincts. I used to watch the best of practicing homeopaths come here to buy the medicines and tinctures. So, it was natural for me to get fascinated by this great science at a very young age and pursue my career as a homeopath. I belong to the third generation of our family associated with homeopathy and I am privileged to carry on the good work, with a committed team.
When someone walks into my room for treatment, I try not to brush away the moment as a routine doctor-patient transaction. If destiny did not have a hand, why would she be here in the first place? So, I begin my process of getting to know her better and most importantly build the trust to help her open up. It is a time-consuming effort, and time is premium for we doctors...but knowing the disease as it affects her and getting it out in her own words, is an important step in finding a permanent cure. Every time I engage a patient this way and go through the journey, I learn something new about myself. And, as I learn more and evolve, so does my treatment too."

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