Black is Best

"It was my interest in movies that pulled me to Hyderabad but I had no fixed goals. I worked as a junior artist for some time and slowly learned the art of makeup. Thanks to the help of my friends and grace of God, I am a full-time makeup artist now, with a steady income and good assets.
This is my 3rd year in a row to wear the sacred black and visit Sabarimala to conclude my vows. I am a great devotee of Lord Ayyappa. In fact, the first time I wore the beads, I got my first big movie assignment, featuring a superstar. 
So, God has given me everything, including my career as a make-up man. I might play around with various colors in my profession, but when it comes to personal life, the days I spend in black is the best. My friends and subordinates agree as well...and they say it brings out the best in me."

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