My wife is a teacher...

"When I had to discontinue my studies after 12thclass, I felt like a cricketer who gets out cheaply on his first big match and then dropped from the team. It is rare for people from a poor background to get past 10th class, so I felt I was out of the race and had to start all over again.
That, I did. Necessity pushed me to other things and I began to learn how to make good food. From the past 15 years, I am managing this tiffin stall and even provide employment to a few others from my village. I take care of their every need and even buy tickets when they visit their kith and kin. I for one cannot imagine leaving Hyderabad on a vacation as my business is round the clock and throughout the year.
Whatever little time I get, I spend with my wife, who recently became an Anganwadi teacher. Watching her growth in the profession is like tracking my favorite cricketer pile up runs every time he bats."

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