F word?...No / No F word please.

"I was crestfallen when I could not clear the CA exam. Someone suggested a course in Mass Communication. I took it up without serious commitment. Initially, it appeared like a step-down but soon fell in love with it. I also completed a diploma in jewelry design and received a gold medal. Offlate developed a serious interest in Gemology too.
It takes a failure to shake things a bit, and I tasted it a few times. My parents support me a lot especially my father. He gives me a treat in one of my favorite restaurants, every time I Fail or Succeed. Thankfully, these days, it’s more of the ‘S’ word.
I guess one of the reasons I wanted to become a Chartered accountant was to get a grip on the financial aspects of the business, which I felt would help me when I venture on my own. However, after joining the mass comm. course I realized something else—the importance of communication. To get ahead in life or business, you have to get your message across and tell your story right. And, I am getting better at it every day."


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