Mutton Bhai

"My day begins at five in the morning and ends around ten in the night when I close my shop. I started this shop about twenty years back. My parents, grandparents, in fact, everyone I can think of in my family is associated with meat selling. My sons are also into it now.
I love Hyderabad and it’s grown so much in all these years. It hasn't done me great good, but I am I am glad anyway. Yeah, you could say this brought in more demand during the festival days, especially in the Diwali or Dushera season.
I earn enough to get my life moving ahead. I got my three daughters married and managed to buy a small house. Kids, grandkids and my work, keep me occupied day in and day out. I am pushing 60s now, and I want to slow down a bit and lead a restful life. God willing!".


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