Two Dreams...

"We told my father many times to stop drinking. He used to say alcohol can never kill, it is what people in heaven drink, and they live forever. Just as he said, he is not dead yet, but both his hands and legs paralyzed. Recently, I got him admitted to a special hospital and he is recovering well.
I started working at a very early age to take care of my mother and sister. Literally, I grew up in this market and I cannot think of my life without my work here. I am the youngest one and everyone treats me like their own. Even customers are very nice and often we chat about what's going on with our lives.
I was very upset when my sister discontinued her studies to work in a printing press. She wanted to pitch in and we couldn’t convince her otherwise. As an elder, I feel responsible for her and I should have shown her a better path. But, there’s only so much I can do with my meager income. I will make it up to her one day. Her marriage and a small home are my only two dreams."

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