I lose track of time when I am driving my auto

"I lose track of time when I am driving my auto. I leave around 7am and then let my day's collection to decide the rest. Sometimes I work as much as 14 hours a day. I have to pay off my auto loan and provide for my family. So, it is the same routine for me seven days a week. Only on Sundays, I conclude a bit early and rush to spend time with my family. I guess they understand...as this is our only livelihood. I have seen lot of changes in the last ten years. When I started off, cabs just got introduced and autos were still the preferred means of transport. Now, cabs have sliced into our earnings...more than half of it. I can't complain as it is the customer's choice. I do what is in my control. If I do not meet my daily monetary requirement, I simply try and work extra hours to meet the shortfall. Every now and then, on my way back home, I pick up people who are in a rush or emergency. I am late for home, but it feels good as I not only earned a bit more but also helped someone in a tricky situation. I am aware of the negative bias towards auto drivers. Being a part of the fraternity, I can understand the need for asking extra from a passenger when you have no return trips from certain locations. But it is no excuse to be rude or hold customers responsible. I will be honest about it, I ask for extra too....but I do not demand it. If they give it willingly fine, if not, I would rather take them along. Things happen to us only when we are on the move". #Hyderabad #HumansOfHyderabad

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