Destiny turned on the radio!

"It all started in class 11 when I hosted the farewell party at school. I was nervous in the beginning. But I knew it was a chance to prove myself and I did. Appreciation came pouring in. From then, I started working on my voice modulation and confidence, of course, because that’s a must in a creative field like radio. After my graduation and internship with a broadcasting media channel, an offer from a new channel came my way. Since it was all Bollywood, I had no problem with the language. But it was going to be my first experience down South. I didn’t think twice because life is all about making new memories - good and bad. I shifted to Hyderabad 18 months ago and it has been great. If I could ever settle down in a city that’s not Ahmedabad, which is my native, it would certainly be Hyderabad. 
Though it was a job I love, it wasn’t as easy as people think. Radio is a creative industry. We all have ideas and opinions and they clash. But that’s how you learn, isn’t it? From experiences and ideas. Though most of the time is spent at the station, every time I have any free time, I pursue my hobbies - photography and food (laughs). 
The interesting thing about radio is that you listen to new voices every day and each has a story to tell. During one of my live shows, a girl called and said she loved my voice. Soon, I got a call on my number and we spoke for almost an hour. Such experiences are fun. There have been times I liked a girl’s voice and asked her to audition. But that’s not getting me into marriage. What’s the hurry? I know, destiny will help me "the one” someday. I just have to wait and watch what it’s got for me.”

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