Soul Sister...

"My sister was born when I was in high school and I remember carrying the little baby that she was and holding her tiny hands. Our bond has only become better ever since. We live in a large family and my mother is usually busy with the household chores. So, my sister comes to me for everything - from homework to chocolates and playing. No wonder my mother teases me saying I’m almost a mom to her.My brother and I were brought up abroad and the things we did and watched were different. My younger sister is usually curious to watch the cartoons I did as a kid. We had a deal - once she completes her homework, I let her watch ’90s shows and other TV series. Her favorite time with me is when parents aren’t at home. We order food, watch movies and play games. This is her cheap thrills, hiding these little things from parents.
Since I’m a college student, I have my busy days when there are events happening. When I’m back home, her only demand is that I spend time with her. She doesn’t need anything else, except chocolates, of course! When I’m sick, it’s like we have exchanged roles. She becomes all motherly and takes care of me. Our relationship is really special to both of us and I’m happy I’m able to spend time with her during her early life."



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