Joy of little things...

"Waking up to the chirping of sparrows in my balcony is the best thing about my mornings. I take a few breaks from my household chores to feed the birds. I also made nests for them. Oh, have I told you that there are 140 plants in my balcony? Everybody who comes home is surprised to see so many pots. I have always loved gardening. In fact, there is some kind of positive energy I get from these plants. The smell of the mud and flowers give me good vibes. Even the dullest of days can be made happy when I’m around these colourful plants. 
I also enjoy designing my house. Every now and then, I change the positions of furniture and try giving new looks to the same old flat. The market has a lot to offer and not everything fits into my interests, space, and budget. So, I choose what I think is most suitable for my house. My kids like it when they come home to a completely new setup. I have one daughter and twin boys. It was the fifth month of pregnancy when the doctor told me I will have twins. It was fascinating, not just for me, but for the whole family. They’re now all grown up and are working in the US. When they miss home, I send my special pickles, made with my love. 
Cooking is one of my favourite pastimes too. I always experiment with new dishes depending on my tastes and preferences. I’m particular about keeping my kitchen neat and systematic. If I know where my groceries are, it’s going to be easy for me to cook. I’m one of those happy housewives you’ll meet, who is satisfied with her simple family life and finds joy in little things."

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