Breaking stereotypes

"Growing up I was a naughty child. My cousins and I would play together and have a great time. When we meet now, we still recollect those golden days and laugh. Being the eldest child in my house, I always had a few responsibilities to fulfill - like taking care of my younger siblings.
If you saw me as a child, you wouldn't recognize me. I looked different with long hair, running around in half sarees. It was much later that I cut my hair short. And that's an interesting story. I was super frustrated one day for some reason. I walked into a parlor and forced the hair stylist to chop my hair off. She tried convincing me but I wouldn’t listen. Ever since I have maintained the same short haircut. Don’t ask me for the reason though (laughs).
Honestly, my profession is a challenge to me. I’ve heard so much about this field being a ‘male-dominated’ industry. The moment I stepped in, I knew I will work hard to break that stereotype. Today, I have many celebrities and other personalities visiting me because they believe in the work I do and the service I provide. It’s a good feeling to be known for your work. It's overwhelming when I serve the people of my foundation, who have no idea about diseases. But I must say, the doctors who are a part of my organization help me in serving the needy. They’re a big support to this cause. It's a mission we're working on, together."

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