Of goals and games!!

"Gaming is a way of life for us. My friend and I met during our intermediate and we have been great friends since then. Our bond has developed over hundreds of gaming sessions. After we passed 12th, I did my course in game development and he works for a corporate company. Since we’re usually caught up with work, we hardly find time for anything else. But if we’re going through a slightly grey day, gaming is our go-to. In fact, every time both of us plan to meet, it’s in a gaming parlour. Sometimes, our other friends also join us. We usually play FIFA. And he is always trying to defeat me. But he is still in his growing and learning phases (laugh). 
Honestly, gaming is our stress buster. We have an emotional connect with it. Many don’t understand but we’re proud gamers."

#Hyderabad #HumansOfHyderabad

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