Going the distance...

"My boyfriend and I have been dating for the last three and a half years now, out of which two years we've been away (geographically). We were in the same college and we spent our first year of the relationship together, quite literally. We went to college, watched movies, went on long drives, met each others' friends and just spent a lot of time together. Back then, I remember how he always told me to make the best of every moment we shared because when we're away, it'll keep us going. When I think about it today, I feel like he knew this was coming. Because he said the right things and it really is that one year that keeps us together even today. 
People are often surprised when they listen to our story and the fact that we manage it. While I don’t disagree that being in two different cities is challenging, I don’t believe these times are miserable. Yes, it is hard and yes, it is difficult at times. But it makes you stronger - as a couple and as individuals. We try and meet once in two months. It doesn't always go as planned, but that's not the end. It's the faith we have in each other and the love, of course, that keeps us going. That's what he has always believed in, and made me believe. Touch wood, seems like it's working."

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