Time heals it all...

"A few years ago, my girlfriend told me that our relationship was over. Until that day, I didn't know it would affect me like it actually did. Although I knew the relationship wouldn't last long, when she confronted, it was a big deal. Way bigger than anybody could imagine. 
Breakups aren't easy and if the reason is some societal norm (caste or religion), it's worse. She was a Brahmin and I'm a Muslim. We were working for a company in Pune. Right from our working hours to our offs, everything was the same. We spent a lot of time together. A few months later, she was getting marriage proposals and we had to take a decision. I always hoped to be able to convince our families. Even before I spoke to mine, she said she can't take this forward because her family would never agree. 
Initially, I thought I would get over her in no time. But that wasn't the case. 
She shifted to another city and got married in four months. When I saw her with someone else, my heart broke. It felt like my life came to a standstill. 
I was stuck in the same office, same people, memories were flooding me. Like a lot of others, I thought the answer was alcohol and cigarettes. I also saw an in-house psychiatrist, but it didn't help. It took me months before I even considered to begin life again. Luckily, I had the support of my friends and siblings who advised and helped me take the right decisions. I moved to Hyderabad and joined a new company. Started to gym and develop a few other hobbies like bike riding. All of it helped and I'm a happier person now. 
I see a lot of people go through similar times. It's a phase we can't run away from. It takes time and can't be healed over night. When you're stuck in such phases, make sure you have people you trust. Don't ever spend on unnecessary things like alcohol and drugs. They don't do any good to you. I'd rather suggest you invest in something you like, something that makes you happy and pursue it. Try new things, make new experiences. Life will get better, it will."

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