Friends like family...

"They say, friends who eat together, live together. We’re a group like that. A foodie group, I’d say. We’ve been caught in school for ordering food from outside. Nevertheless, we continue to eat, shop, study, repeat. 
Each one of us have come from different cities. When we first shifted here, I thought it’d be difficult away from family. But these people have made my life easy. We’re home and family for each other in this new place. There’s nothing we don’t do together - be it studying, eating, shopping or going out. There are times when we have silly fights but we sit down and talk it out. We also give time and space to each other whenever required. Isn’t that how families live together? We’re each others’ advisors. No matter what, all of us know we have one another - during happy and tough times."

#Hyderabad #HumansofHyderabad

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