Five minutes... and not too much time!

"I'm donating blood for the fifth time since I turned 18-years-old. I try and do it twice a year, but a lot of it depends on my health condition and the duration between my last donation and the present. There have been times when I couldn't donate it when someone was in need because I did it in a blood donation camp. But I always find someone who helps. At the end of the day, even this blood is used somewhere. The first time I did it, my parents were slightly worried because it makes you a little weak. But we had a discussion and after that, they've been doing it too.
Nobody ever told me that donating blood is important. I think it's our duty as a human being to be able to help another person. It takes five minutes and not too much pain, honestly, and it can save somebody's life. What's more satisfying?"


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