For the love of nature!!

"This nursery means everything to me. The kind of fresh air I get here is not available anywhere in the city. I feel safe when I'm here, away from the pollution outside. It's been 31 years since I started this nursery. Initially, I had a grapevine production. But due to a few unfortunate reasons, I shut that down and opened this nursery. Gardening was always my forte. After I passed class 10 in 1969, I decided to be trained in horticulture. I wanted to know everything about plants - how to grow them, how to identify diseases, how to cure them, everything. I originally belong to Karnataka and shifted here in the early 1970's. My family still lives there and I have no commitments anymore. My children are married and they have their families. I visit them often and spend quality time with them.
I've worked hard in the last few years to set this nursery up. Today, I have 16 men in this five-acre land who help me grow all kinds of plants. Space is almost unlimited and so are the choices. So, we accommodate almost everything. Most people come looking for flowering or indoor plants, which is a new trend now. But they don't understand that plants need some sunlight and have to be outdoors for better growth. 
My life is dedicated to nature and plants. For the rest of my life, I want to do more research and understand the life and science of plants."

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