Two to tango...

"My two daughters are like my eyes - precious and important. It was after my first pregnancy scan when they said I'll have twins. My husband and I were on cloud nine. We were super excited and were looking forward to the delivery. After they were born, it got a little difficult to manage both of them together. But for us, it was a challenge we accepted without any hesitation. We enjoy every bit of their childhood, and make sure they enjoy it too. 
They're in kindergarten right now. Most of their friends get confused with their identity. Two naughty kids, I must say. They fight a lot. But the moment I step in, they get protective about each other. They can't see each other sad or upset. It's like they're each other's second half. As a mother, it feels amazing to see my kids grow up together and be there for each other, even in their childhood."

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