Fashion as a way of life!!

"When people talk about peace and serenity, they think of Buddha, pigeon and the color white. Peace is an emotion one needs to feel within themselves. We want people to feel that way through our garments. The competition we're a part currently has peace and mediation as the theme. So, we're trying to create something using unconventional materials, which makes one feel calm and peaceful, through the color, texture, and design. Both of us are working together on this project. We've participated in a few contests before and have won the first prize. What clicks for both of us as a pair is that we understand and respect each other's ideas. We never hesitate to suggest changes and curate something good together. Fashion is our escape to happiness. Although it's a lot of work and gets really tiring, we enjoy it. As individuals, both of us believe in dreaming big and working towards the dream. We're doing it, one garment at a time."

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