"People are often surprised when we tell them that the brainchild behind this campaign, Pink-drink, is a man. However, it was a group of my friends and colleagues who put the idea into action. In the past few months, this campaign has taught us so much. Even at work, our team has a 50:50 gender ratio and we divide work equally. 
Honestly, people were responsive and we always got good feedback. We have tied up with more than 20 Bars&Restaurants and the funds raised with this Pink-Drink campaign go to the NGOs. This is our first four-day campaign that aims to bring together the who’s who of the Hyderabad's F&B sector for one noble cause – women empowerment. 
All we ask from the city is to raise a 'toast for change' this Women’s Day. It's not about the money, but to create awareness among people and encourage them to help others in need."

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