Born to fight...

"I lost my legs due to polio. When I was much younger, I was given a wrong injection because I was suffering with fever. Since then, I've not been back to normal ever. My parents took me to many doctors but they said there's no cure. Initially, I was depressed. I lost hope and confidence in myself and in my life. It took me time to get back to normal and understand that life goes on. 
After I completed my graduation, I moved to Hyderabad for a job. I've always wanted to support my family financially. I pity people who sit at home doing nothing. I'm glad to not be like them. Irrespective of my health conditions, I work and earn my living. I enjoy the kind of freedom this gives me. When people see me at work or any other place, they stare with sympathy in their eyes. It's depressing and makes me wonder why I don't have everything they have. But each one's destiny is different and I can't change something that's not in my hands. So, I work with things that are in my control. I have friends and family who support and care for me. I want to be an inspiration to people. I want to encourage them to be independent and hardworking, despite their disability."

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