Walking his way to fitness...

"When I first used to visit KBR park about 15 years ago, it was a jungle and different from the shape it is in right now. Since then, I've been coming here for an early morning walk. I do one full round of walking in the outer pathway. It's a daily ritual for me. Walking makes me stay fit and also keeps me refreshed mentally. My stress is gone and I'm ready for the day's challenges. 
A lot of people sit around and have discussions. But I enjoy my own company when it comes to walking. Early in the morning, I keep my brain cells to work by reflecting previous day's routine and situations. There have been times when I've taken a few big decisions during one of these walking sessions. Sometimes, my wife accompanies me but even then, we don't do much talking. We give each other the space and focus on our fitness. My day has to always start with this daily exercise here. "

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