Headline: A moment away from the world...

"We live in a busy world, constantly trying to cope up with the stress at work, family and petty issues every day. Amongst all this chaos, a walk in this park is my escape to peace. The greenery and fresh air that I get here is what I miss in the concrete jungle outside. Mornings are usually packed as we rush to our respective places of work, that we don’t find time to take a break and give our body and mind some rest. For me, weekends and holidays is the time for rejuvenation. I come to KBR, along with my son and sometimes, my wife also. We spend quality time at the park, talking about everything from his school stories to news and cinema. As a parent, I think it’s my duty to have a close relationship with my son, especially during his growing years. What better way to do it than passing time amidst this beautiful landscape and environment?"

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