Living their best life

"Every time I go out with my two close friends, I wonder what I’d do without them in this engineering college. Since the first year, the three of us have been best of friends, but we have a larger group to hang out with. We watch movies, eat and roam around together. Each one of us stays in three different corners of the city, but we try and commute together. When these two bunk college and I’m alone, the day seems so long. But when we’re together, we don’t care what time of the night it is. 
We’ll graduate this year. How I wish we had more time to spend in college, although most of it is spent bunking classes. After every semester, we went on a short trip. All these memories are going to keep me going in life. Imagine, one of these friends calling me about 10 years later. It’ll be so good to remember all these moments and talk about how much fun we had as students. If life is all about making memories, we’re doing that perfectly. Hopefully, our careers will be this perfect too."

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