A blind man with a vision...

Part- 1:

"I was declared blind by doctors just minutes after I was born in a village in Karimnagar district. But as a child, nothing stopped me from living life like anybody else. I could sense light and dark. So, I went out to play with friends and also crossed highways. I studied in a normal school that didn’t teach braille. My friends would read everything loudly and I’d grab my inputs from there. The first time I faced problems due to the lack of sight was during examinations. Everybody wanted to study alone and I had nobody to help me. For my tenth class board exams, I used the help of a scribe and scored 82%. I thought that was my biggest challenge but life always throws you in worse situations and that’s what happened to me. My interests were Maths and Science but my visual disability stopped me from taking it, as I wouldn’t have been able to do lab activities. My childhood dream of being an engineer was shattered in minutes. It was disappointing but I accepted reality and completed my intermediate in commerce. I thought of being a Chartered Accountant but I was told that I would need one person who could help me throughout, in every phase of the course. I asked almost everybody in my life. My brother was concentrating on his career and friends weren’t ready to do commerce. With no choice left, I sacrificed that too. I felt like I was used to giving up on my interests and passion just because I was born with a disability, which wasn’t even in my control.
Although I joined Bcom that wasn’t my interest, I delivered my best. I widened my horizons by reading everything that happened around the globe - sports, politics, economics, and cinema. I analysed everything I read and developed different perspectives. I wanted to prove to people that lack eyesight doesn’t make me any lesser in my knowledge or abilities. I was tired of people and the society. Nobody came forward to help or even support me. All they had to offer was sympathy. It’s the society that reminds us constantly that we lack something and that it makes us weaker."
Do the common people know what kind of personal issues we face which actually are the hidden facts? Then you should check that in the second part of my story.

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