Gift of Sight...

Headline: Gift of sight

Part 2:
"You know the biggest tragedy in our lives? It is the way we feel when we’re not able to do simple everyday things that everybody else is doing like cycling, playing sports or simply hanging out with people outside. More than anything, it’s the career limitations that break us apart. There are people with little amount of knowledge, skills and finance too, but we’re considered lesser than them only because we are blind or disabled. Nobody wants to give us an opportunity to prove ourselves, before judging us. Even when it comes to marriage, the society is so hesitant to accept us. Who wants to marry a man who is blind, although I have enough knowledge, money and a good heart? This is the harsh reality of life and all we can do is to accept and live with it. I motivate myself every day to work harder and that’s why I joined this NGO that teaches visually challenged people computer and technology. The kind of exposure and learning I’ve got here is brilliant. Trekking, mock interviews, sessions about career options, they do everything to make us ready to face the outside world. 
I have only one thing for the society - stop discouraging us if you don’t bother to help us grow. Being born like this wasn’t a choice we made. And we don’t see it as a barrier but a challenge, We fight and prove ourselves at every point yet we don’t get the little respect and opportunities we deserve. All we ask you to do is give us a chance, in all aspects - professionally and personally."

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