Lessons of love...

"When I tell people that I did my masters in the US, they wonder why I settled for a job in an NGO in India. But having worked in different companies and a different country, I must tell you that there has never been any job that gave me better satisfaction than working with blind students here. The amount of love, respect and affection I get from these kids is unmatchable. In my growing up years, I spent a lot of time with my grandfather who was also visually impaired. When I first joined this NGO, I was flooded with his memories. I still share all my childhood stories and experiences of him with them. 
For a job like this, family support is highly important. I'm lucky to have a wife who is so understanding that she joined the same NGO too. Working here has taught us a lot, including parenting skills, which will be put to use sometime in our lives. Everyday is a new experience with these kids. They've taught us patience, discipline, respect, courage, hope and above all, love. They don't need sympathy but love. And no matter how much love you give them, you're sure to get a double."

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