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"I was never that interested in marriage but for most of us, it’s a phase of life that you can’t overlook. I’ve heard people say that there are fewer chances of a divorce in an arranged marriage. But I don’t know how true that is. I was married to a man three months ago. He lied to my family and me about almost everything including his age, business and property. He never confessed to me about his other affairs either. My brother-in-law told me that he moved closely with other women but I was ignorant. Later when I found out myself, I gave him chances to change because I wanted to live with him but nothing worked. Despite his family being harsh on me and my people, I kept quiet. They demanded a lot of money and assets, which we gave without hesitation. The list never ended. I lived with my husband in a joint family and everybody would turn against me and pick fights on money. 
I somehow managed to live with him until one day when he sent me back home. Even then, I didn’t suspect him. In retrospect, I think how I was a naive girl he could easily fool. He sent me home saying I should spend time with my family and that he’d call me back soon. Days passed, weeks passed and soon it was a month. When I told him I was returning, he stopped me. Seemed like his family had convinced him to remarry another girl.  And soon, the divorce papers reached my doorstep. I was shattered. Why would he want to leave me when I did so much for him and his family? 
I never understood that but it wouldn’t make a difference even if I did. 
I was looking forward to a happy life with him and all that he had for me was stress and heartbreak. Things got quite ugly by then. I didn’t approve of the divorce in the beginning, but they also tried using one of my old signatures as an agreement. When I went to the police, they got aggressive. I mean, if you didn’t consider thinking about my life before filing a divorce, why should I care about your respect in the society before going to the police? 
Anyway, it’ll soon be over. I will be done with this marriage after the court procedures. I’m looking for a job. I want to be able to support my family if I’m living with them. My dreams of marriage and love have all been ruined, thanks to him. All I want now is peace, a job and some happiness. Inshallah!"

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