"Like other regular days of her life, eight-year-old Asifa, belonging to a small community in Jammu and Kashmir, was grazing her horses when she followed a few men into a forest. According to reports, they locked her in a temple and raped her several times before strangling her to death. 
A picture of the little girl in a purple dress has been doing rounds on the internet. From actors to journalists and social media influencers, many have spoken about it, demanding justice. People organised silent marches across the country to fight for her. What is even shocking is that the girl was locked in a Hindu temple, which brings to notice the amount of religion engraved in Indian politics. Reports say that the crime was committed as a way to threaten the Muslim community that Asifa belonged to. 
Looking at the related posts getting viral, it feels empty. Humanity has failed. It's been defeated by a man-made concept called religion. And this realisation is terrible. 
The day when we see people fight and kill each other in the name of religion, caste, creed and race seems to have arrived. If that day is today, what is tomorrow? Where are we heading? Is justice a casualty? Is humanity a casualty? Does a better tomorrow exist? One hopes."

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