Odd One Out..

"I’m sure everybody around has been wondering why this man dressed in formals is sitting here, on a footpath, with a laptop. It’s a little embarrassing and awkward because of the way people are staring. But I can’t explain the urgency of my work to all of them, right? I’d rather use that time to finish sending these emergency emails to my client and rush to office.
Honestly, I like it here more than the office. Although we have a huge building with all kinds of facilities, I feel trapped sometimes. I look around and I just see computers and people working non-stop. The atmosphere is different here. Sitting in the open air makes me feel good. I’d like it better without the noise though. The continuous sound of the horn is irritating. But I can’t have everything the way I want. Probably it’s just my mood right now that makes me feel better outside. Or is it really better here? I should actually just finish work. If I don't have a job, I'm going to end up here anyway."


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