Reminiscing the good old days...

"I moved out of this city when I was 18-years-old but my memories here still fresh, like they happened just yesterday. Although I live in London due to my business in showbiz, in my heart, I’m always a Hyderabadi. I make it a point to travel back home once a year to meet my parents. It’s wonderful to catch up with old friends, sit by my childhood bed, sip on some Irani Chai and reminisce school and college days. Nothing like it in the world! And some Biryani just adds to the vibe, of course. 
As a child, I still remember hiding from my father and playing cricket in my friend’s backyard. You know, back then, if you played too many sports and didn’t concentrate on academics, parents would be so upset. At least mine were. My dad would hit me if he catches me playing while I have to study. Ah, those days! Always makes me nostalgic. I share these stories with my kids in the UK. They have never visited my hometown and it’s high time I plan a vacation with them.
Next time, I want to plan a longer trip so I can get them too. But right now, my focus is only on the tour that I'm organising this May. This is the first time in 31 years of my showbiz experience that my event is happening in my city. It feels like my dreams are fulfilled. Like they say, life comes a full circle."

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