The coffee theory...

"Do you know Nithya Menen? Such a beautiful actress she is! I heard she's from Kerala, is that true? I've watched three films of her and she does some magic on screen. Whenever I watch her, I'm reminded of my wife - just as beautiful and cheerful. My wife is the reason for my bread and butter. This coffee shop was set-up by her father and I've been handling it after our marriage. Since she belongs to a family that's into this business, it's no wonder that she makes the best filter coffee. She's a doting mother to our children, much like how my mother dealt with me. I love my mother the most. I miss her. Every time I recollect memories of my mother, I have tears and my wife is always there to make me feel alright. They say, only a mother can understand another mother. It's probably why she understands that no matter how much I love her, she or nobody ever can take the place of my mother in my life."

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