Odd one out.

"My younger daughter has a birthmark on her face. It is on her cheek and is easily visible. When she was born, we thought it'd go in a few weeks. She's two years old now but it's as it is. My only fear is that she might think she's different from others just because she has a spot on her face. I don't want her to feel insecure or lesser of a person because of it. We've consulted many doctors. But they say, it'll fade away with age. During one of our visits, my daughter asked me why is she the only one with an unusual spot. My heart almost stopped. I didn't have an answer. 
She's in her growing years. When she joins the school, I don't want her to be bullied because of her facial features. It seems petty. But as a mother, my daughter's perceptions and how they affect her life are of prime importance to me. I always tell her that she's special. Not just to me, but to God too, which is why he's made her different from others. I want her to grow up feeling special. I want her to look inward for love and support. Only then will she be able to face this harsh world outside." 

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