Home for dogs!

"Animals can’t talk for themselves. If they did, our world would’ve been much more sensitive to them, I guess. I want to be their voice. My love for animals isn’t something I developed. It has always been there since my childhood. When I was a kid, my mother was skeptical about having a pet at home. She thought I was too young to be able to take care of it and I love her for that. She’d let me play with them but always asked me to wait till I grow up to have a pet. Six years ago, I joined Blue Cross and she never stopped me. She knew it was time. I don’t have the count of how many injured animals I’ve saved. Even if I’m at work, I take permission and rush if there’s an emergency call from the organization. Anybody who knows me knows my priority is animals and then comes the rest of the world. 
I believe in letting animals live their lives like we want to live ours’. So I never keep a pet for long at home, especially the injured ones. I take care of them, wait for them to perfectly fine to battle the world and then, let them go. They have the power to move around. Who are we to take that away and cage them? Also, most times, they come back and visit you. Look at this furry ball of happiness. All they have is unconditional love for you with no expectations in return, unlike a lot of us. It’s so hard to let them go. But everybody needs space, even animals. It’s high time we, as humans, understand that."

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