Going the distance

"We’re best friends more than anything else. Initially, we were enemies but things changed and we grew up. We were in the same school in Agra and then her family moved to Chandigarh. I didn’t see her for months. There was an empty feeling in my heart and that was the moment I realised that my life without her is just as empty. I selected my college in Chandigarh and moved there. We used to meet on the weekends and that’s how we started dating. Although it has been quite on and off, the fact that we never let each other go is what brings us back together. We could never replace each other in our lives. Now, it’s more like two people who completely understand each other are together. Our families, however, don’t have much idea about the relationship. They think we’re friends. We know that it’s not going to be easy convincing them and making all of it happen. But we’ll sail through it too."

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