Old Is Gold

"My relatives always ask me what's the secret behind my energy. They say I was this active as a young lady too. Those days, I was newly-married and I had all the responsibilities of the house. Now, I'm 90 years old. All I do is cook for my children. It's my favorite pastime. There's no signature dish. I will cook whatever you want to eat and the taste will be great. You should ask my children. They don't like eating outside. I make chicken, sambar, paneer and all kinds of rice for them. I find happiness is in little things like sitting with the family and eating. My food and energy keeps me fit. I don't like going to doctors. At this age, they'll ask me to take bedrest. But I don't want to stick to one chair. Jo life baakhi hai, usko achese jeena hai mujhe (the little life that's left of me, I want to live to the fullest). So when death comes, I will have no regrets."

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