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Telangana was formed in 2014 but the fight for a separate state started in the 1960s. Initially, the region of Telangana was separate and was later combined with Andhra Pradesh. Throughout the Telangana movement, all we wanted was for them to give us back the state that was ours. If you observe, before 2014, this whole region was neglected. The concentration was never equally divided. With time, we realised that we will need a state of our own to develop it in all spheres. When Indira Gandhi was the prime minister, there was a lot of demand for a separate state. In fact, in one of the surveys she conducted, 90% people wanted Telangana to be separated from Andhra Pradesh. But it never happened.


It’s believed that smaller and more number of states is easier for better governance. Also, in such cases, centre will have more power over the states. Our country is a mix of various religions, castes and communities. Our Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao wanted to fight for one such group - the people of Telangana. It’s not religion or caste but our region and land that brings us together. After years of struggle by him and others who followed his steps, we succeeded with an individual state. But our work doesn’t end there. We need to grow as a state, together. Even KCR himself knows and believes that our mission isn’t about getting a separate state but about the development of the state each and every day. It was this determination that inspired me to join the TRS party.


In a process like this, you tend to find obstacles. But that isn’t the end. Leaders like Nelson Mandela spent years in jail to fight for what he thought was right. Inspirations like these keep me going. When you’re a part of the government, success doesn’t come in a day or in a month and neither does development. It’s an everyday process of evolution and growth. That’s the aim of all of us in this state. As a child, I always wanted to stand up for the oppressed people. In class six, I won my school elections. Right from then, I knew my life was dedicated to fighting for minorities and standing by them. It’s the same value that I see in our CM that makes me follow him and work with him. Today we have so many projects in our state that are blooming - to name a few, Hyderabad Metro, Kaleshwaram Project. In this process of development, I have only one advice and request to the people of our state. Come, join us on this journey. Experience needs the power and mind of youth to be successful. Let’s work together for a Bangaru Telangana. To many more years of development and growth!

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