It's a love story!

When I first came to Hyderabad, I had just 10 rupees in my pocket. My brother and I were keen on opening a gym. He’s the one who created interest in me for fitness. But when we started, we had a rough phase. We took loans and people cheated us. We were financially unstable for a long time. But if you think and do good, I believe that things come your way sometime or the other. Now, we’re happy, by God’s grace. My brother is my biggest support and he’s been there with me in all phases of life. When I have him, I don’t need much.


Another important person in my life is my wife. We were dating for a few months before she eloped from home one morning. It happened all of a sudden. We didn’t have much of a choice. We got married the next day. Although she misses her parents and knows that it was a hasty decision, she’s scared to talk to them. We’ve been married for one and a half years. I have had some of the best moments in life with her. No matter how busy I am at the gym on the weekdays, I make sure I dedicate weekends to spending time with her. Sundays are the best! We wake up at 2, eat, sleep again, watch a movie, maybe go out, come back and sleep. It’s my most favourite day of the week. But I hope we get to spend one of those Sundays with her parents. I want to reunite them.


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